The INTUITEL Consortium consisted of roughly 30 persons from 12 partner in 8 countries. The Institute for Computers in Education at HSKA had the project lead, the initiator and coordinator was Prof. Dr. Peter A. Henning.

Some of our friends can be seen here – during a meeting in Tel Aviv.

While working in the INTUITEL project, the project team conducted 7 large personal meetings, 34 video conferences, exchanged > 17.500 Mails. More than 50.000 lines of code and several thousand pages of documentation were written. More than 40 conference talks were given at national and international conferences, 21 papers appeared in international refereed journals.
Last, but not least: 5 babies were born to the consortium members.

Daniel Thiemert presenting INTUITEL at the ReadTL5

Elena Verdu presenting INTUITEL at the E-Learning Expo 2015